Sunday 23 March 2014

Tamarind Rasam (Chinchamba Saaru)

Tamarind                                     1 lemon size

Red chillies                                  3 to 4

Garlic flakes                                5 to 6

Salt  to taste.

Coconut oil                                 1 tsp(can use any oil)   


Soak tamarind in hot water for 10 min or smash tamarind in warm water.  Then prepare thick paste.

Add  tamarind  paste  into vessel add salt and 3 to 4 glass of water and boil it for 10 min.
Heat oil add garlic and broken red chillies fry for 2 min. Then pour this on boiling tamarind water .Turn off  the gas tamarind rasam ready to serve with rice.


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