Thursday 18 August 2011

Alambe Phanna Upkari (Mushroom Curry)

There are so many health benefits of mushrooms that it's difficult to believe these tiny power packed fungi taste good too. Mushrooms contain multiple nutrients, vitamins and minerals as well as have antioxidant and anti biotic qualities. There are many different types of edible and medicinal mushrooms but they all have one thing in common. They are Saprophytes. This means they have no chlorophyll to make their own food so they live off the nutrients found in decaying plant and animal matter.The health benefits of mushroom include relief from high cholesterol levels, breast cancer, prostrate cancer, and diabetes . It also helps in weight loss, increasing immunity.


Mushroom --   1 cup chopped
Big Onion   --  1/2 cup 1/2" square pieces
finely chopped onion -- 1 tbsp
Tamarind pulp  --  1 tbsp
chilly powder    --  1  to 1 1/2 tbsp
salt to taste


Boil mushrooms with salt for 10 minutes.  Keep aside.  Heat oil in a pan add finely chopped onions fry till golden brown. Then add big onion pieces fry till pink.  Then add chilly powder fry for 2-3 minutes.  add tamarind pulp again fry for 2 minutes, add boiled mushroom  cook till done.


  1. wow looks very good sure i try this recipe

  2. pls post some easy bfast dishes..

  3. Tried this today for panpolo and it come your recipes