Thursday 6 December 2012

Onion chutney

Grated coconut           -- ½ cup
Red chillies                 --  4 to 5 numbers
Chopped Onion           --  1 small size
Salt to taste

Grind grated coconut, red chilly and half chopped onions into rough paste.  Then add remaining chopped onions  and salt.  Ready   to eat with Neer Dosa

Undi (steamed rice balls) with piyyava gojju

Undi  is  a breakfast dish  in  all  Konkani ‘s  home. Its  usually served with  ravo( thick jaggery syrup with cardamom) or piyava gojju  (spicy onion  gravy) or with any variety of  pickles..
This is very healthy  also.
2 cups of white rice
1cup of grated coconut
Salt to taste
Methi seeds ¼ tsp
Mustard seeds 1tsp
Urad dal  2 tsp
Oil  2 tbsp

  soak rice for  at least  4 to 5 hour.  then wash and drain it.   Coarsely   grind rice,  salt and coconut.  Heat oil in kadai   add mustard seeds when they splutter add methi (fenugreek or uluva)  seeds and urad  dal  fry till little  brown  then add  grinded rice mix  and stir till  it becomes thick consistency to make a ball. 

                                               Then turn the gas off  and  leave it to cool.  After cooling   make small small  balls from this shown in pic   

then steam this balls  for 20 min.   Undi  is  ready to eat with ravo and piyyava  gojju..



White Rice                                         2 Cups
Urad Dal                                            ¼ CUP
Cooked Rice Or Rice Flakes (Avil)   ¼ CUP
Soak rice and urad dal  for 2 hours. If using  rice flakes..soak it for  half an hour .
Grind all this into fine paste.  Add salt to taste.  Keep it for  6to8  hours for fermentation.
Heat  the dosa  tawa  and make thick dosa  close lid and cook the dosa  only one side no need to turn dosa.  Super soft dosa ready to eat..
Sabudana dosa(chowwary/sago)

Raw rice               2 cups
Urad dal                 ½ cup
Sabudana              ½ cup
Methi                     1tsp
Sugar                    1tsp
Salt                       to tatse
soak raw rice, urad dal, sabudana,  methi  for 4 to 5 hours.   Grind and keep to fermentation  over night.  Add salt and sugar.
You can make thick and thin  crisp  dosas
White Rice              ---   2 cups
Grated  coconut     ---   ¼ cup
Salt  to taste.

Soak Rice for 2 hours.   Grind rice  with grated coconut into fine paste.  Make Dosa batter thinner than normal dosa batter.  Heat the thawa  pour the batter on heated thawa (don’t spread).   Cook  covered for 2-3 minutes.   Serve with Onion chutney or Honey or sugar syrup.  Goes well with spicy fish or chicken curry.