Wednesday 26 June 2013

Marwai sukka

Marwai  ( clams or  kakka)

Clams  are eaten more in the coastal regions of India  , especially in konkan ,kerala,Bengal and Karnataka regions. In different parts  ,caste or people  prepare different style of cooking  methods.
Health & Nutrition Benefits Of Eating Clams 
Clams make up for a heart-healthy choice, as they are low in fat and rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
It serves as a good source of phosphorus for the body, the nutrient required for proper formation of bones and teeth. In addition, it also helps the body utilize vitamins.

The protein level of clam is much higher than that of red meat, with very few calories. It helps in building lean body mass in athletes.

It is a rich source of iron for the body. In fact, the iron content in clam is much higher than beef. It is a boon for individuals suffering from iron deficiency.

The high amount of potassium present in clam assists the body in maintaining blood pressure and regulating heart function, along with other body processes.

It is rich in vitamin A, which is required by the body to maintain healthy skin and also promotes vision, growth and bone development.

Clam has a fair amount of cholesterol, which is required to maintain healthy blood cholesterol in the body. 

Consumption & Storage Tips 

Since clam is collected from the coastal sides, there are chances that it can be contaminated with chemical pollutants present in sea. Hence, it is advisable to wash it thoroughly before cooking and avoid eating it raw.

It is highly perishable; hence, it should be eaten and cooked as soon as it is brought from the market.
While buying clam, make sure it feels heavy in size and is fresh and plump, without the odor of ammonia.

It is advisable to eat clam within 24 hours. If properly cooked, fresh clam can stay for approximately 4 days in the refrigerator. However, freezing cooked clam can make it rubbery and tough. 


Once again I am  going prepare  one more  Manglorean  dish  called  “marwai sukka”.   


Marwai                       1 cup  cleaned and washed
Red long chilies          10 to 12
Grated coconut           1 full
Coriander seeds          2 tsp
Jeera                             1 tsp
Garlic                              5 to 6 cloves
Onion                            2 finely chopped
Green chilly                  2
Salt to taste
Curry leaves few

Method  to  clean clams
wash the clams with shell 3- 4  times.  Then boil this in little water till the  shell open.  Let it cool for some time.  

 Then remove clams from shell. Now it ready to use.



Method  for  preparing  masala  1.
 Grind  red chilly and coriander seeds in to fine paste and keep it aside.
2nd masala.:-  Grind  coconut,jeera,  ½ chopped onion, garlic  and green chilly without adding water 
Heat oil in Kadai, add chopped onions fry till light brown then add Masala 1 fry for a minute then add washed clams and salt  in it.  Cook it for 10-15 minutes.  Then add masala 2  and few curry leaves,  cook till  it gets dry. 
 Marwai sukka is ready to serve.  Good combination with Neer Dosa or good side for lunch.