Monday 29 June 2015

Prawns 65


Prawns cleaned                                            1 cup (20 to 30)

Chilly-powder                                               2 to 3 tsp

Ginger garlic paste                                      1 tbsp

Corn flour                                                      2 tbsp

Rice flour                                                       1 tsp

Curry leaves few

Oil for shallow fry



Clean and wash the prawns remove excess water and keep side.
Take a bowl add chilly-powder,   ginger garlic paste, salt, corn flour, rice powder, lemon juice add little water and make thick paste.  Then add prawns mix it well keep aside for at least 30 min.
Heat oil in frying pan slowly keep all marinated prawns  fry till  half- done
then turn over add little curry leaves fry both sides till done.
Serve with lemon slice and onion rings.
Enjoy your prawns 65 J

Alva mande sasam (tarrow root/chembu curry


Alva mande                                      ½ kg

Grated coconut                               1 cup

Red chilly                                         7 to 8

Mustard seeds                                1 tsp

Tamarind                                          peanut size

Curd                                                   ¼ cup

Curry leaves  few

Oil                                                       1 tsp

Salt to taste



Peel outer skin of  alva mande  and cut them into big cubes.

Add little water cook till done or u can cook it in cooker till 1 whistle.

Grind coconut, red chilly and tamarind into fine paste.

Add this paste to cooked alva mande add salt and boil it for 5 to 10 min.

Then add ¼ cup beaten curd,  mix it well slowly boil it for 2 min.

Heat oil in seasoning pan add mustard seeds and curry leaves fry for a minute,  pour this on curry.  Alva mande sasam ready to serve.

Enjoy with hot steaming rice.


Saturday 27 June 2015

Jeeve Kadgi Hinga Udha( Breadfruit spicy curry)


Bread fruit/jeeve kadgi   pieces                           -  2 cups

Red chilly  powder                                                  -   1 tbsp

Tamarind                                                                  -   1 tbsp

Hing  powder                                                           -   ½ tsp

Coconut oil                                                               -   1 or 2 tsp



Peel outer skin of bread fruit and discard the white portion  in the centre then cut into small pieces.  Take one vessel, add little water and boil it its  half  cooked.  Then add chilly powder, tamarind pulp, hing and salt.  Gravy should be little thick not watery.  Boil it till done, switch off the gas add one or two tsp of coconut oil and mix well.   Serve hot with rice, dosa,  idly etc.


Jeev kadgi podi / breadfruit fritter

This is one of my favourite vegetable.  Bread fruit is used in many Konkani dishes.  In Konkani its called “jeeve Kadgi”, in Malayalam “kadachakka/seemachakka”.   We generally prepare number of dishes using jeeve kadgi.  We had a huge tree in our neighbourhood plot which was owned by my hubby’s friends.   They were not at all aware the use of that fruit till one day they tasted the jeeve kadgi podi from my home,  they liked it very much and took the raw kadgi home and prepared from there taking recipe from me.   Surely you all will like it.

Breadfruit slices                               -      10 to 15
Chilly powder                                   -      2 to 3 tsp
Hing powder                                    -       ¼ tsp
Rice flour                                          -       2 to 3 tbsp
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying
Peel the outer skin of the jeev kadgi (breadfruit) and remove the centre core.  (Do not throw away its skin we can prepare tasty stir fry from it).   
Make slices from it. Take one bowl add chilly powder, salt, hing and little water and make thick paste. Then add sliced breadfruit mix well so masala  gets coated evenly then keep aside for 10 to 15 min.
Then coat marinated slices in rice flour both sides. Slowly tap it so that excess flour is removed and keep aside.
Heat oil in deep frying pan and fry both sides until brown colour.
Remove from oil and serve hot as snack with tea, coffee or as a side dish with rice.
Rice, dalithoy with jeev kadgi podi makes awesome combo.


Wednesday 24 June 2015

Wheat flour banana buns (Manglore Buns)

Mangalore Buns is a very popular breakfast item in almost all the hotels, restaurants and coffee shops in Mangalore.  They serve this with sambar and chutney.  It can be had without any side dish also.  I love Buns its a nostalgic breakfast for me because my Mamamma (Grand mother ) used to prepare this.  This was my favourite breakfast and when I used to stay with Mamamma’s home during my college days she used to prepare this once in a week.  Originally its prepared from maida but since we have stopped using maida long back I had not prepared it for long but my hubby and son loved this item I tried with wheat flour, surprisingly it gave better taste than maida but colour wise little different.  And it is safe and healthy too.


Wheat flour                               -  ½ kg

Ripe bananas                            -   4 to 5

Sugar                                          -   8 to 10 tbsp

Salt to taste

Baking soda                               -  ½ tsp

Curd                                            -  ½ cup

Oil                                                -  2 tbsp

Oil for deep frying

Extra flour for dusting



Peel and slice the banana and smash them then add sugar, baking soda, curd and salt mix it well.  Heat 2 tbsp of oil and pour it on the curd mix. (if you do like this you get fluffier buns).  Then add flour to the mixture little by little and knead it well and prepare sticky dough.  (do not prepare hard dough, we need wet and rubbery dough for preparing buns).  Cove the bowl and allow it to rest in room temperature for 7-8 hours for fermentation.

After fermentation knead it well and prepare small balls, dust it in plane flour  and roll into thick poories.  Heat oil in a deep frying pan lower the flame to medium heat.  As soon as you drop the poories into oil it puffs up, turnover, fry both sides till golden brown, remove the Buns form oil.   Serve hot with chutney or sambar.  It tastes while it is hot, but it can be stored for one or two days in room temperature.



MANJI/pomfret/aavoli                                     --   10 slices
Red chilly powder                                           --   5 to 6 tsp
Pepper powder                                               --   ½ tsp
Tamarind                                                          --   1 lemon size ball
Curry leaves                                                     --   2 hand ful
Coriander seeds                                              --   1 tsp
Coconut oil/any oil                                         --   4 to 5 tbsp
Salt to taste

Add little warm water to tamarind and make thick pulp and keep aside. 
Add little oil and fry coriander seeds for 1 or 2 minutes. 
Then grind coriander seeds, tamarind pulp and chilli powder into thick paste.

Take a shallow frying pan add oil.  When it heats add 1 handful of curry leaves.  Fry for 1 or 2 minutes.  Add pepper powder again fry for 1 or 2 minutes then add  red chilli paste & few  curry leaves, salt  fry till oil separates.

Check the salt then slowly keep all fish slices in the masala and coat evenly while cooking then close the lid and shallow fry them till it gets cooked evenly

Ps:-  This is a very spicy dish, if you need less spicy you use ½  Kashmiri chilly powder and ½ normal red chilly powder.  You can use any oil, but to get authentic Manglorean taste you have to use coconut oil for frying.