Tuesday 20 December 2011


I learnt this dish from my mother in Law.  She is a seasoned cook and expert in traditional Konkani recipes.    She used to pack this for us on our way back to Calicut.  Nowadays I get plenty of pumpkin leaves in my garden  and I have also started preparing various dishes of pumpkin leaves, stem, flower etc.  my son and hubby like this very much.

Pumpkin leaves.           10
Rice                                1 cup
Toordal                           ½ cup
Grated coconut           1tbsp
Uraddal                         2tbsp
Chilly powder                2tbsp
Salt to taste
Hing pinch


soak rice and toordal  for  1 hour. Clean and wash pumpkin leaves.
In a pan dry fry the urad dal  till it become light brown.
Wash the soak rice mix..then grind it with coconut and fried uraddal (with little water) coarse  paste then add chilly powder,saltand hing..mix it well.
Then apply this paste to pumpkin leaves… layers by layer(like pathrode). Make roll from that.. cut in to round pieces .. roll it in rice flour and deep fry them..

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Chilly Garlic Chutney

Garlic flakes           10
Red chillies             10
Tamarind small piece
Salt to taste
Coconut oil               1 tsp

Fry red chillies in little oil for 5 minutes keep aside to cool.   Fry chopped garlics till dark brown.  Grind red chilly, tamarind in a mixer, after one round add the fried garlic  and add salt then make fine paste.   Pour ½ tsp coconut oil on top of it.

Green chilly Ginger Chutney

Grated coconut                   1 cup
Ginger chopped                   1 inch piece
Salt to taste
Green chillies                       6 – 8 nos


Grind coconut, ginger and green chilly into fine paste. 
for tempering:-  add 1 tsp oil in kadai  add ½ tsp mustard seeds, curry leaves—fry for two minutes--- pour this into the chiily ginger paste.

Yummy yummy chutney is ready to eat with Dosa and Idli.

Mint -tomato chutney

Jeera                     ½ tsp
Mint leaves            ½ cup
Garlic  flakes          5
Til  (sesame seeds)   1tbsp
Red chilies               6
Tomatoes                 5
Oil                           1/2tbsp
Salt as per taste..


Take pan,    dry roast the sesame   seeds   till   light brown  and keep aside to cool.
Add ½ tbsp oil in a pan add jeera, red  chillies ,   garlic flakes, and mint leaves fry it for 5 min.  when mint leaves become dry add tomatoes and salt  ..then cook it for 5 min. allow  to cool for 10 min.
In blender  add roasted sesame seeds make powder then add the tomato and mint mix in to it and blend till a fine paste.
Chutney is ready to eat with dosa,  puri  or u can eat it like sandwich spread too.

Cucumber Chutney

Cucumber                1
Jeera                       1 tsp
Garlic cloves           4
Green chillies          3
Mustard seeds         pinch
Oil                             1tsp
Red chilli dry            2
Urad dal                   1tsp
tarmind                     ½ tsp
lime juice                  1 tsp (optional)

Peel the cucumber and remove the seeds and cut into pieces.
In a blender add cucumber,  green chillies,  jeera,  salt,  garlic,  tarmind  and blend in to coarse  paste.
For   tempering  : heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds, red chilli  and urad dal.    when urad dal  is light brown add  this to cucumber mix.  (add lime juice)
Serve this with hot rice..

Thursday 1 December 2011

Ras Malai

(I learnt this recipe from my friend Jayashree Divakar Kamath, but in this recipe there is a little variation)


Milk      1 ltr
Vinegar   1 tbsp
Water 1 cup
Sugar ½ cup 
Elaichi  powder ½ tsp (kesar can be added, since I am allergic to Kesar I did not includein my recipes)
Milk Powder    1 tbsp
Pista  --   10 to 15


Boil  ½ ltr milk, when it boils add vinegar till paneer separates. Then close the lid keep aside for 5 minutes. Strain the water through a muslin cloth  remove the excess water by hanging it or keeping weight on the paneer.  Remove paneer from muslin cloth, knead well till soft dough.

Divide the dough into equal sized balls and flatten a little.
In thick bottom pan make sugar syrup by adding 1 cup water and ½ cup sugar.  When it boils add paneer balls and elaichi powder and boil for 10 to 15 minutes.

Remove paneer balls from sugar syrup and keep aside.

How to prepare Malai……….

Boil ½ ltr of milk in a thick pan till it becomes 2/3 of its original volume.(you have keep it stirring all the time).  Take 2 tbsp of water mix the milk powder and sugar syrup and add this mixture to the boiling milk.  Boil till it becomes thick cream (malai).

Add the paneer balls to the cream boil it for 5 minutes.  Garnish with chopped Pista.

Keep in fridge for 2 hours before serving.

Wheat dosa

Wheat 1cup

White rice                ¼ cup

Grated coconut      ¼ cup

Salt to taste

Jaggery(optional)   1tbsp

Soak wheat for 5 to 6 hours.

Then grind wheat with coconut and rice .. batter is ready to prepare dosa..taste bhi health 


Goes Well  with Onion Chutney

Surnali( curd dosa with methi (Uluva)seeds)


2cups of white rice
1 cup beaten rice
Half coconut grated
250gm   jaggerry (can vary according to requirement)
Salt to taste
Curd  1/4 cup
Methi seeds (Uluva)1tsp
Turmeric  (optional)


Soak methi seeds in a bowl
Soak rice for 2-3 hours . 
Soak beaten rice for 5 min then take extra water from that and keep aside.
Grind cleaned and washed rice with coconut ,  curd and methi seeds,  when it becomes smooth paste add beaten rice and grated jaggery  grind it for 10 to 15 min. then add salt keep aside for overnight.
Heat dosa  pan pour one big spoon  dosa batter on the Pan,  dont spread it,  close lid  cook in low fire till it becomes spongy and holes appear on the surface.

Tastes good with Cut Mango Pickle or Ghee or Butter.

Thupa dosa(ghee dosa)

1 cup white rice
1cup urad dal
3 cup of maida
1tbsp sugar
½ tsp of baking soda
Salt to taste.

Ghee for making dosa

Soak rice and urad dal in different bowl for 2 hours. Then grind  urad dal     in to smoth  paste then add rice and grind it. In another bowl mix maida   and make batter and keep aside. Next day morning take extra water form maida and add this to rice- urad dal mix and mix well.  Then add suga,  salt and baking powder mix it,  keep batter for 30 min.  Then you make thick dosa  and  roast both sides with ghee.
 serve with Coriander chutney

Egg roast

eggs   5
Chilly powder 1tbsp
Onion 2 big
Garlic 4 flakes
Green chilly 1
Tomatoes   2
 Garam masala   ¼ tsp
Pepper powder   ¼ tsp

Method :
Boil eggs and keep aside..heat oil in a pan  add chopped garlic flakes when brown add green chilly fry for a min  then add onions  fry it to brown  add chilly powder,  pepper powder, Garam Masala  powder fry till  aroma comes then add tomatoes  when it becomes soft  add  boiled egg and ¼ cup of water cook  in slow fire for 10 min..spicy egg roast is  ready to eat …