Tuesday 18 March 2014

Green apple salad

I saw this recipe in a food page posted by Meetha and Jayashree and I really got tempted seeing it and thought of preparing it.  The original recipe was published in the cook book by Asha S Pillar.  Thanks to all  for the wonderful recipe and lovely posts.   I love salads and I did not wait even a single day to try it.   Its very healthy and my son usually doesn’t prefer salads loved it very much.
1.       Green apple                                     1 cup chopped
2.       Curd                                                  1 cup
3.       Green chilly                                     2
4.       Mustard seeds                                ½ tsp
5.       Raisin                                                1tbsp
6.       Pinch of sugar
7.       Salt to taste
8.       Curry leaves few.
·         Soak raisin for 10 min.
·         Beat curd and keep aside.
·         Chopped green apple, green chilly, mix this with beaten curd mix well.
·         Add soaked raisin, sugar  and salt .
·          Heat oil in pan add mustard seeds and curry leaves fry for 2 min.
·          Pour this on curd mix mix it well.
·          Keep it in fridge for 10 min.
·          Serve chill.


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