Tuesday 5 July 2011



jack fruit                       -  small  pieces  1 cup
oil                                  -1tsp
mustard  seeds             - 1 tsp
dry    red chilies           - 3 to 4, broken into pieces
jaggery                         – grated  2tbsp
grated coconut             – 1/4  cup
salt to taste


Heat oil in a  kadai.
Add mustard seeds.
When they splutter, add red chilies.
After few seconds, add the jack fruit   
Add 1/2   water Cover and simmer till the   jack fruit soft.
Add salt and jaggery. Cook 5 min then   Add grated coconut and mix well…..



1cup                   sliced or chopped jack fruit
2cups                            coconut milk(2nd milk)
1cup                              thick coconut milk(1st milk)
11/2 cups                     melted jaggery(200 gms
2tbsp                            ghee
1tbsp                  raisins
1tbsp                            sliced coconut

1cup                   sliced or chopped jack fruit
2cups                            coconut milk(2nd milk)
1cup                              thick coconut milk(1st milk)
11/2 cups                     melted jaggery(200 gms
2tbsp                            ghee
1tbsp                  raisins
1tbsp                            sliced coconut
1tbsp                            cashew nut


Heat   ghee and roast the cashew  nut,  raisins and sliced coconut till light brown and set aside.
In   the same ghee fry in the sliced jackfruit pieces till it turns colour.    
 Add    in the 2nd milk of the coconut and let the jackfruit to boil well in it.
 Add the jaggery and again cook till the whole mixture is nice and thick. this will take atleast 15-20 minutes.                        .
 Add    the cardamom powder and also the fried cashew raisin mixture    pour   the 1st milk of coconut and immediately turn off the gas.
Garnish with fried coconut slices.

Serve Hot !!!
                     Jackfruit vada (Moolik)

2 cups Rice
2 cups Jackfruit, cut into small pieces
½ cup grated Coconut
½-¾ cup Jaggery (According  to taste)
¼ tsp Cardamom Powder (Optional)
½ tsp Salt
Oil for frying


Soak rice in water for 1-2 hours
Grind the rice with freshly grated coconut, jackfruit,   salt and   jaggery to smooth paste. The paste should be of thick batter consistency.
To this add  cardamom powder and mix well.
Heat oil in kadai, make small marble sized balls ( Or Gulab Jamun size )  and deep fry.
This can be preserved for 5 days to 1 week in airtight containers.





deseeded jackfruit               12 pieces
rava                                         1 cup
coconut  grated                    1 cup

 jaggery                                   3/4  cup
ghee                                        2 tsp


Grind the deseeded jackfruit, coconut scrapings and jaggery in mixer grinder and make it into a smooth pulp and remove it to a bowl.
Add the rava to the pulp and make a smooth dough (water or milk need not be added as the pulp itself contains enough water for preparing the dough). If the dough becomes very thin add little more rava to bring it to the required consistency.
Grease the idli mould and spoon the dough in it. Now steam it as you steam the idli for 10 to15 minutes. When it is ready, you get a good aroma of the jackfruit.
Let it cool for a minute and then remove it from the mould to the serving plate. pour ghee on it while serving :)