Saturday 25 January 2014

Spice Crusted ,Tawa fried ,Sole-Manthal Fry

I got this recipe from one of my blogger friend.



Sole fish   (Manthal/Nangu)      --  ½ kg small size
For marination
 Kashmiri chilli powder               --          4 tsp
 Turmeric   powder                      --          ½ tsp
 Black      pepper powder            --          1 tsp
 Dry    chilly flakes                        --          1 tsp   
Oil                                                    --          ½ tbsp
 Lemon   juice                                --           2 tbsp      
 Ginger -garlic paste                      --          1 ½ tsp
 Green  chilly                                   --          2
 Small onion                                    --          4 to 5
1 sprig curry leaf
Salt   to taste
water little if needed
For frying
3 handful of curry leaves
2 teaspoon chilli flakes
Oil  (use coconut oil for authentic taste)  
This can be shallow fried also here I have used oil for Tawa fry.
Cut and clean the fish and keep aside. 
Grind all the ingredients for marination into fine paste.  Coat this paste on fish and keep it for 10 minutes or more. 
 Grease the tawa, sprinkle curry leaves, chilli flakes and spread marinated fish.  Spray little oil over it fry till crisp.  Again add curry leaves and chilli flakes and with breaking the flesh carefully turn over the fish and fry till crisp.  Serve with lemon wedges.



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