Friday 26 July 2013

Pikkile kelache bajjile podi (Banana Tawa fry)

Mostly people throw away the more ripen bananas or make halwa or payasam.   But halwa and payasam are time consuming jobs so mostly these banana find the way out.   This recipe is very old and almost forgotten one.  My great grand mother  used to prepare this.  I learnt this from my grand mother and Its very quick, tasty and easy and less oil recipe.  


More ripen banana                               -      2 or 3
Chilly powder                                       -      1 tbsp
Rice flour                                              -    ½ tbsp
Little oil for greasing the pan



Make a paste of chilly powder and salt with little water and apply this to banana slices and sprinkle rice flour on it.  Heat the Non stick tawa and apply the little oil then  fry the banana both sides.  

Shahi Tukda

Today when my son came back  from  school  , he was very happy . When asked him what is the reason for your happiness,  he said that he got his exam papers and in all subjects he scored very good marks. I   also became  very happy,  so, thought to prepare my son’s favourite Shahi Tukda .  This is  my easy and quick version of Shahi Tukda. 


Bread                             1 small
Milk                              750 ml
Sugar                             2 to 3 tbsp
Badam kesar mix          3 tbsp
Ghee for roasting bread          


Cut the sides of bread and cut into triangles  (or  any shape as you wish) . Heat tawa grease with ghee keep bread pieces on it,  roast the bread slices till golden brown and crisp.
Meanwhile,  heat the milk  and  boil till it is  reduced into half.   Then add sugar and badam kesar mix .  Then mix well and  boil it for another 10 min. Then switch off  gas.  Let it cool for some time. 

Arrange roasted bread pieces in a bowl,  pour milk mix on it.  Cover and keep it in fridge for some time (you can also eat this when it’s hot) but tastes good when serve chilled.