Sunday 23 June 2013

Marwai pundi

Marwai  pundi ( clams and rice  dumpling  coconut  curry)

In  Konkani we call it khubho,  in Malayalam   kakka or Erundhu. In Tulu its called   marwai .  Pundi means rice dumplings.   It is  really tasty  when  the rice dumpling is put into coconut gravy with clams and kept  for 30 min or more  as  it soaks  all masala and  flavours  of   clams. Mostly its  prepared for breakfast.    I first tasted this dish in my neighbor  Sumithra aunty’s  home.    She prepares the best marwai pundi.   My amma  used to prepare only  Konkani style curries with Marwai,  but as  kids it was  very new and interesting for  us to see the  marvai  cleaning and preparing  dishes from it. 
Here we do not  get  clams  normally.     Yesterday  my  husband  brought  good clams,  so I thought of making  marwai pundi.  For today’s breakfast  I cooked Manglorean  style  marwai pundi.

  Unlike nowadays dishes,  it takes a lot of time cleaning and preparing,  but gives immense taste and satisfaction which we don’t get in the instant food.   Its really tasty and healthy.  It’s a like a complete meal.   Its worth trying.

Ingredients  for  marwai curry
Marwai/Clams                           100 washed and cleaned
Grated   coconut                         1
Red chillies                                  10
Coriander seeds                          3 tsp
Jeera                                             1 tsp
Methi seeds                                ¼ tsp
Pepper corns                              5
Garlic                                           5 to 6 cloves
Onion                                         2 chopped
curry leaves  few
salt to taste
coconut oil                          1tbsp

in  a kadai  heat little oil  and  fry red chillies, coriander seeds, methi seeds, jeera and pepper corns till aroma   comes.   Then  grind grated coconut with garlic, half chopped onions and roasted  spices into fine paste. Boil this paste for 5 minutes  then  add washed and cleaned clams  and again boil it for  another  10 to 15 min.
 Switch off stove.  Keep aside.

To  prepare pundi  (Rice Dumplings)
White  rice                     2 cups
Grated coconut             1 cup
mustard                         1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil                                    2 tsp

Soak  white rice  for 2 hours.  Then  wash   and grind it with grated coconut  adding little water  to thick coarse paste. Heat kadai   put oil  add mustard and  rice paste and salt keep stirring   till it becomes thick.  Let it cool for some time. Then make small dumpling from it  and steam it for 15 to 20 min.   Pundi is ready.
Now time to make marwai pundi.
Again  boil  the marwai  curry  when start  boiling   add   pundi(rice dumpling) into  it  and boil it for 5 to 10 min.  Then heat a pan add little oil put chopped onions fry till dark brown add curry leaves fry  for a min pour this on boiling curry.  Turn off the gas.  Allow to soak pundis in gravy for atleast  30 min.  Serve hot.

Yummyyyyyyyyy   my mouth is watering

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