Wednesday 12 March 2014

ADGAI (Raw Mango and Raw small Jack Fruit Pickle)

Adgai is a very popular Konkani  instant pickle.  As the raw mango and raw jackfruit are seasonal this can be prepared only during summer season.  In my school vacations myself and my cousin used to visit my grand mother’s eldest sister’s house where she used to prepare this as a side dish for Dosas.  I used to wonder because of its taste and texture.   Since we were kids she didn’t use to give us   pickle without dosas, We used to ask for  more dosas only for getting more pickle and throw away dosas.  Today  I am really happy that I could prepare Adgai with the same taste and texture she used to prepare.
Small Raw Jack Fruit (Idichakka)                  --   1
Raw Mango                                                      --   1 big
For masala
Mustard seeds                                                 --    2 ½ tsp
Methi   seeds (Uluva)                                      --  ¼ tsp
Coriander seeds                                               --  2 tsp
Hing  powder                                                    --   ¼ tsp
Red chilly                                                           --   15 to 20
Salt                                                                      --  ¼ cup
Turmeric  powder                                             --  ¼ tsp
Wash and clean mango and dry with cloth then cut into small cubes and keep aside.
In 1 ½ cup of water  add ¼ cup of salt,  boil it and  keep aside.
When it becomes  lukewarm add cubed mango slices and leave it for soaking.
Peel the outer skin of the jack fruit and cut into small cubes and pressure cook with little water for one whistle.   Strain the water and let it dry.
Add cooked jack fruit pieces to the mango cubes and keep aside.
For masala
Fry all the ingredients for masala separately without adding oil.  Let them cool for some time then grind these together into fine paste adding the salted water  (in which the  mango cubes are already put for soaking ).  If needed  boiled water can also be added.
Then mix cooked jack fruit and mango cubes and mix well, keep outside for one day for setting then pour into clean and dry airtight glass bottle then keep in refrigerator.  This can be used for 15 to 20 days.

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