Friday 27 June 2014

Thori -bikanda bendi (Thuvara Chakkakkuru curry)

Thori                                          1 cup

Jack fruit seeds                        10  crushed

Grated coconut                       2 tbsp

Red chilly                                  15 to 20

Tamarind                                  1 tbsp

Garlic crushed                          8 to 10  

Salt to taste


Soak thori for   3 to 4 hours.  Pressure cook soaked and crushed jack fruit seeds for 4 to 5 whistles.  Grind coconut, red chilly and tamarind into fine paste. 

Then add this to the cooked thori and adequate water for gravy consistency and boil it for 5 to 10 minutes. 

Heat 1 tbsp oil in seasoning pan, add crushed garlic fry till light brown  then pour this on the boiling curry.

Vodupaale/Vodu Dosa/Surli Bhakri (Dosa prepared in earthen kadai)

'Vodu' means earthen in Kannada and Tulu language.  Dosa is prepared in a concave shaped earthen vessel or tava. It will be spongy, soft and  delicious too.  Dosa will be cooked on one side.  Because of concave shape centre part of the dosa will be thick and periphery will be thin.   Those who don't have the earthen 'vodu' can try with nonstick pan as I did.   In non stick pan the dosa will be uniformly thick.  Try this vodu dosa and have a wonderful break fast!!!.To improve the taste dip the dosa few minutes in sweet coconut milk.  The Konkani community call this as Surli Bhakri and it goes well any spicy curry, chutney or jaggery coconut milk.

This batter does not need fermentation.
Raw rice                                  2 cups
Cooked boiled rice               1/2 cup
Grated coconut                      1 cup
Salt to taste
Soak rice for 2 to 3 hours. Then wash and keep aside.
Grind it with grated coconut, cooked boiled rice and washed raw rice into fine paste.
And  salt and water.  Batter should be  watery than normal dosa batter.
Keep aside for 2 to 3 hours.
Heat   deep bottom earthen kadai   pour batter on high flame, when u can see small holes then keep in medium flame,  close lid and cook for 3 to 4 min.
Tasty   Vodu paale ready to serve with any types of curry or chutney.

Thursday 26 June 2014

Bikannda song /jack fruit seeds spicy curry

This  is one of the favourite Monsoon  Recipes of Konkanis.  Its gravy is spicy and sour in taste.   Use of coconut oil and onions gives a very unique blend of taste and aroma to the curry.   Jack fruit seeds have many  health benefits but nowadays’ generation don’t prefer to eat this.


Jack fruit seeds                                       1 cup sliced(25 to 30)

Chilly powder                                          2 tbsp          

Onion                                                       2 sliced

Salt to taste

Coconut oil                                             1 tbsp

Tamarind                                                1 tbsp pulp


Peel the white skin of jack fruit seeds and slice them and keep aside. Pressure cook sliced jack fruit seed with little water and salt for 3 to 4 whistles .

Finely slice onion and keep aside.

Heat coconut oil in kadai  add sliced onion fry till it  turn into light brown then add chilly powder fry for a minute.
Then add tamarind pulp mix well boil it for 2to 3 min. Then add cooked jack fruit seed mix well, checkk salt and cook it still it becomes semi thick gravy.

Saturday 14 June 2014

Kanda poha (Maharashtrian style)

Kanda poha is a popular maharashtrian breakfast recipe.   My aunt used to make this for breakfast during  my collage days.  She  used to be prepare with onions  and  potato.

Poha is the Maharashtrian word for flattened or beaten rice and kanda means onions. This is a light breakfast which is easy and quick to prepare.

 “KKAJ” food group today member’s choice recipe is Jayashri baleri ‘s kanda poha which was a    new version for me by adding tomatoes in it.   Got tempted to see all the pics who posted there.   So I prepared it for dinner tonight.  It’s really nice,  tangy and spicy poha .   We all loved it ,  thanks  to Jayashri for her recipe.
Thick poha                                    1 cup
Onion                                             1 big
Tomato                                          ¼ cup
Green chilly                                   5 to 6
Jeera                                              ½  tsp
Haldi /turmeric powder             ¼ tsp
Coriander leaves                         handful chopped finely
Lemon                                           1
Oil                                                   2tbsp
Salt to taste.
Wash and soak poha/avil  for 3 to 4 min. Then strain and squeeze out   the water and add little salt to poha and keep aside.
 Heat oil in kadai,  add jeera when it crackles add chopped green chilly fry a min then add finely chopped onions fry till it becomes translucent. Then add chopped onion fry for a min, then add turmeric powder,  and  poha mix well.  Lower the flame, cover and cook for 3 to 4 min., then add chopped coriander leaves and squeeze lemon juice as per  taste. Mix well and serve hot with tea or coffee.

Wednesday 11 June 2014

Benda Thambde (spicy Ladies finger)

This recipe I learnt during my trip to my native from my mom.  This is again a forgotten recipe which my  grand mother used to prepare.  Its a very quick recipe and requires very few ingredients and can be a good side dish for hot rice.
Ladies Finger                                   --    250 gms
Red chilly                                         --     10 to 15
Tamarind                                         --      small lemon size
Crushed garlic                                 --      9 to 10 flakes
Salt to taste                                   
Cooking oil                                       --      2 tsp
Grind red chilly and tamarind into a fine paste and keep aside.   Wash the ladies finger and dry them properly then cut into 1 inch pieces.  Heat few drops of oil in a kadai,  add cut ladies finger, fry for 2-3 minutes so that ladies finger does not become sticky, then add ground paste, salt and add water according to thickness required cook till done.  Heat oil in seasoning pan, add crushed garlic fry till golden brown, pour this on cooked ladies finger.  Benda Thambde ready to serve with hot steaming rice.

Potato chatpata

Because my son is a potato lover,  I try many varieties with potato.  This is also one of my experiments.   This is a very good side dish for rotis, chapathis, dosa etc., since kids like its taste its a very good side dish for lunch in their lunch box.
Potato  cut into small pieces               --   1 cup
Chilly powder                                         --   1 ½ tsp
Jeera powder                                         --   ½ tsp
Amchur powder/chat masala              --   ½ tsp
Haldi powder                                          --    ¼ tsp
Jeera                                                         --    ¼ tsp
Coriander leaves chopped                    --    2 tbsp
Cooking oil                                               --    1 or 2 tbsp
Heat oil in kadai, fry the potato pieces till light brown.    Remove from kadai and keep aside.  Remove excess oil,   in same kadai  add jeera when it splutter add chilly powder, haldi powder, chat masala, jeera powder and salt fry for a minute.  Add ½ cup of water let it boil for 2 minutes add chopped coriander and mix the fried potato pieces and cook for 2 minutes.  Serve hot.  Chatpata potato is ready.

Karathe karamane

I saw this recipe on KKAJ food page posted by one of my friends Priya R Shenoy (original recipe by Mrs. Asha Sathish Philar).   Thanks for the recipe I loved this one and thought of sharing the same with you all.
Karathe (Bitter gourd)                        --  1 no
Green chilly                                          --   4 to 5
Methi seeds                                         --   ½ tsp
 Tamarind                                             --    ground nut size
Raw rice                                                --  2 tsp (washed and soaked in little water)
Coconut grated                                    --  1 cup
Discard seeds of karathe and chop finely and apply salt.  Roast karathe pieces  in very little oil using non-stick pan till crisp.  Fry ½ tsp  methi seeds and green chilly chopped in little oil, grind this with grated coconut, tamarind and raw rice into fine paste.  Add enough water to make thick gravy.  Stir it while boiling.  When it boils lower the flame add fried karathe pieces and put off the flame.  Do not stir after mixing karathe pieces.  cover and keep for a while.  Serve hot with rice or as a side dish for rotis.