Saturday 3 August 2013

Ganti Buthi

Its raining cats and dogs outside.  My mom  called day before and told me that there is lot of Tera Pan (small colocasia leaves/Taro leaves) in their surroundings and this is the time for preparing Ganti Buthi another delicacy of Konkani’s. All those monsoon vegetables like Kirlu, Ambade, variety of leaves are all available at my native place.  I am Nostalgic of those monsoon dishes and curries.   Anyway my brother came yesterday and he brought Tera pan and ambade and I prepared this Ganti Buthi for us.

Tera pan                          30 to 35
Jack fruit seeds              10 to 15
Ambade (Hog plums)    2
Crushed garlic                7to 8
Red chilly                        10 to 15
Grated  coconut             1 cup
Coriander seeds             2 tsp
Coconut oil                    2 tsp
Salt to taste

 Wash  tera paan,  dry them with cloth. Then  make knots from leaves and keep aside.

Crush   jack fruit seeds and remove skin and keep aside
Crush ambade.  Cook all this with ½ cup of water in pressure cooker for 2 whistles.

For masala

Grind  grated coconut, red chilly  and coriander seeds into  coarse paste. 

Add this paste to  cooked tera pan  knots and jackfruit mix. Boil for 5 to 10min. Then add crushed garlic into boiling curry it for 10 min. Switch off gas. Pour coconut oil on it.  Yummy yummy ganti buthi ready to eat.