Sunday 18 August 2013

Surrya sevai (coconut shavai/rice noodles)

In konkani “shevayi/shevai”, in Kannada “Sevige”, rice noodles in English, Noolputtu in Malayalam—Its served as breakfast with sambar or Banana Harshale or Mango pickle and coconut oil  etc. Its my favourite breakfast.

I learnt this from my mom.  My Grand Mom (mom’s Mom) used to  prepare it best, because of  the aroma of coconut and coconut oil  there is no  need of any side dish.  Taste of coconut gives nice aroma to it. Here i am showing  the  step by step method of making sevai without using oil


White rice                    2 cups

Grated coconut           1 full

Salt to taste.  

Soak  white rice for 3 to 4 hours.  Then grind this with grated coconut and salt  into fine thick paste and keep aside.

Heat one kadai and pour this mix and make this into thick dough like in pic  then let it cool for some time.
Then make ball from this batter.

Steam this balls for 15 to 20 min.


Sevai Dante (Noodle maker)  This is a traditional noodle maker used in almost all Konkani households.
Put this balls in Sevai Danthe(noodles maker)  and  press them.

Rice noodles  ready to serve. Normally in  my grandma’s home, we  eat this with drops of coconut oil. Good combination with sambar and coconut oil.



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