Friday 16 August 2013

pickled Amla chutney (nellikka/Indian Gooseberry)


pickled  Amla                           2 or 3

grated coconut                          ¼ cup

gandari/green chilly                 8 to 10 (if green chilly 5-8)

garlic                                            3 to 4  flakes

salt to taste



For making pickled amla:-  wash Amla and dry them with cloth.  Then put into airtight jar  pour water till its soak. Add salt (for 1kg amla  ½ cup salt). Close the lid and keep aside.  After few days its ready to use. We can keep this for 6 months to 1yr.

You can use this for making pickles, chutneys, rasams etc

For chutney:-   grind grated coconut, salted amla chopped, chilly and little salt    into fine paste do not add much water while grinding.  Careful when adding salt because amla  already is salted.

Serve this with rice or dosa.





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