Friday 26 July 2013

Pikkile kelache bajjile podi (Banana Tawa fry)

Mostly people throw away the more ripen bananas or make halwa or payasam.   But halwa and payasam are time consuming jobs so mostly these banana find the way out.   This recipe is very old and almost forgotten one.  My great grand mother  used to prepare this.  I learnt this from my grand mother and Its very quick, tasty and easy and less oil recipe.  


More ripen banana                               -      2 or 3
Chilly powder                                       -      1 tbsp
Rice flour                                              -    ½ tbsp
Little oil for greasing the pan



Make a paste of chilly powder and salt with little water and apply this to banana slices and sprinkle rice flour on it.  Heat the Non stick tawa and apply the little oil then  fry the banana both sides.  

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