Friday 23 August 2013

Doodh Pak

Doodh pak is a   rice and milk combination which is a very popular sweet dish. It is  delicious, creamy and very less ghee dessert. I learnt this from my mammamma (mom’s mother),  in their  home everyone likes  sweet dishes.   Generally on every  Sundays they  use to  prepare a sweet dish.   When I was writing  this recipe,   I just  remembered about my grand pa. He was a big cricket lover, those days  TV was not common and we had one.  At that time those who had TVs with them,  rented rooms for college  students we had also rented some rooms  and since there was no TV in their rooms  they along with some other neighbours used to come to watch  cricket  match. When  India  wins any    match, my  grand pa used to tell my grand ma  to  prepare  Doodh pak because it was  an easy to prepare and tasty dish.

My  grand ma prepares it  very tasty  so mostly  people come  there not only to watch cricket match  but for the special  Doodh pak. Today I felt  to eat it  so I called my mamama  and prepared   Doodh pak in her style.  Normally she prepares it with gandsale rice, since we don’t get it here  I prepared it with  kaima rice.
Kaima rice                                 1 cup
Milk                                            1 ½  ltrs
Sugar                                         ½ cup
Cardamoms                              7 to 8
Cashew nut                                     few
Raisons                                     few
Ghee                                         1 tsp
Wash the rice  then put in pressure cooker add 1 glass of milk and 2 glass of water  close the lid cook for 2 to 3 whistles.
Heat remaining  milk and  add this to cooked rice  and sugar then boil it for  5 min.  Then add cardamom powder and ghee fried cashew nut and raisons.  Doodh  pak  is ready to eat J     

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