Monday 25 August 2014

Kolambya gojju ( pickled mango chutney)

This is an old and forgotten Konkani authentic  recipe.
I have explained in detail about salted mango in my earlier posts.  In my earlier post I used Hing but in this post I used garlic instead of Hing.

Salted mango                         1
Grated coconut                      ½ cup
Garlic flakes                            7 to 8
Red chillies                              7 to 8
Mangoes already have salt in it so no need of adding any salt to the dish.  If necessary then u can add
Cut  salted mangoes in to pieces.   Then grind this with grated coconut,  red chillies(slightly fried in little oil) and garlic in to fine paste. Add little water while grinding.   Check salt  ,add if needed.
Take this in serving bowl pour 1 or 2 tsp of coconut oil over it.
Serve this with rice or chapathi.

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