Saturday 6 April 2013

Channa Dal Pan Cake (channa Dal Dhodak)

This pancake is one of my favourite from child hood.  My Mamamma used to prepare this specially when we go there on vacation.  We all enjoyed eating together after lots of playing.  I miss those childhood days when we used to climb on mango trees and fight, play together and after playing  we all used to eat the special  items prepared by My Mamamma.

Channa Dal (Kadala parippu)     -   1  cup
Grated coconut                          -    ¼ cup
Green Chilly                                -    2
Salt to taste

Soak Channa Dal for one hour, then  wash and grind with grated coconut,  green chilly and salt coarsely.  Heat Tawa put one ladle of the grinded batter and cook both sides till golden brown.  Your  pancake is ready to eat along with  chutney or pickle.   

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