Saturday 14 September 2013


Olan is an important part of Onam Sadhya dishes and also one of the most simplest recipes. It tastes delicious with a nice fragrance of coconut oil. Olan can be prepared with or without the red cow peas. Here I have prepared with both ash gourd and pumpkin without the cow peas beans.

Ash gourd                         ½ cup chopped

Pumkin                              ½ cup chopped

Green chilly                      3

Coconut milk thick          ½ cup

Coconut milk thin           ½ cup

Cow pea (mampayar)     2 tbsp cooked(optional)

Coconut oil                        1 tsp

Curry leaves few

Peel then skin of pumkin and ash gourd  cut into small slices.

Cook this in thin coconut milk with green and salt. When vegetable is cooked  lower  the flame add thick coconut and curry leaves just heat this do not allow  to boil.  Then switch off gas.  Pour coconut oil on top of it.  Olan ready to serve.       

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