Friday 6 September 2013

Alambe buthi (mushroom curry)


Mushroom                              1 cup

Onion                                       3

Coconut grated                      ½ cup

Red chilly                                10 to 12

Coriander seeds                    2 tsp

Salt to taste



pressure cook chopped mushroom  with one onion sliced,  and keep aside. 

For masala grind  grated coconut, red chilly and coriander seeds into coarse paste.

Finely chop half onion, then remaining 1 ½ onion into  little big  pieces.

Heat oil in a pan add finely chopped onion  fry till dark brown  then add remaining onion  and fry till light pink, add  masala and  fry for     5 min then add cooked mushroom mix well cook till its becomes  dry.  Alambe Buthi  ready to serve.

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