Sunday 2 August 2015


Paal-vazhaka or sago dessert is a classic Kozhikodan (Calicut) delight.  It is commonly prepared during Ramadan.   Sago cooked with milk and ripe plantain.    A very delicious and easy dessert.
Sago/saboodana               --  ½ cup
Milk                                      --  4 cups
Ripe banana                       --  1 no(to be sliced)
Raisins                                 --  few
Ghee                                    --  2 tsp
Sugar                                   -- ½  cup
Cardamom powder           --  pinch
Small onions                       --  2 to 3
Salt a pinch
Soak sago in water for one hour and keep aside.  (After soaking it becomes fluffy and plump).  In a heavy bottom pan, boil milk, let it reduce a little, then add soaked sago keep stirring occasionally so that sago gets cooked evenly.  Then add banana and sugar, mix well boil for 5  minutes, switch off the flame add pinch of salt and cardamom powder mix well.  Heat ghee in a pan, add sliced onion fry till light brown then add raisins fry for a minute pour this over the sago mix.  Now our tasty Paal-vazhakka/sago payasam is ready to serve hot or cold.

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