Sunday 28 September 2014


Ash Gourd (Elavan)                             --   ½ kg

Coconut grated                                    --    1 medium size

Red chilly                                               --    10 to 12

Tamarind                                               --    marble size

Turmeric                                                --    1 pinch

Mustard seeds                                      --    ½ tsp

Curry leaves                                          --    few

Coconut oil                                            --   2 tsp

Salt to taste




Peel the skin of ash gourd, cut into medium size pieces, add water, pinch of turmeric and salt and cook for   10 to 15 minutes.   Fry  red chillies in little oil.  Grind this with grated coconut and tamarind into coarse  paste then add mustard seeds and grind it for 1 or 2 seconds.   Then add this paste to cooked ash gourd.   Boil for 5 to 10 minutes.

In a seasoning pan heat oil add mustard seeds, when it splutter add  curry leaves fry for 1 minute, pour this into boiling curry.  Close the lid keep aside for 5 minutes and serve with hot steaming rice.

(don’t throw away skin of ash gourd, we can prepare stir fry with this).

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