Monday 27 January 2014

Neeli hinga udhka upkari (mussels curry)

I first had this from Tellichery when my Grand mom’s sister Sarojini Bappamma prepared this for us.  It tasted awesome.  Since I didn’t know how to clean mussels I stayed away from it.  After my marriage I learnt to clean it.  I had seen people steaming the mussels to get rid of the shell, while steaming there is a risk of taste loss, but there I learnt to remove the flesh with a knife with which we could retail the original taste of mussels. 

Normally mussels curry is prepared with onion and other spices but in my husband’s place they used to prepare this using Asafoetida which enhanced the taste of this curry and even we can keep this for 3 to 4 days.
Mussels/neeli                           30 to 40
Red chilli powder                     2tbsp
Raw mango                                 1 medium size
Hing                                              ½ tsp
Coconut oil                                  2 tsp
Salt  to taste.
Wash the mussels with shell and steam them for 10 min. Let them to cool.   Then  remove flesh  and clean   the dirt from it.  Wash for  2 to 3 times .
Cook steamed mussels with raw mango slices and salt.
In a kadai heat 1tsp of oil add chilli   powder  and fry for a min.   Then add this to cooked  mussels add water and hing powder boil it till it becomes  thick gravy.  Switch off gas and pour 1tsp of oil over it. Neeli Phanna Upkari ready to serve.


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