Wednesday 22 January 2014

Raaja Alle Piyavu Gashi (Ayala/mackerel curry)

When I got fresh Raaju(Ayala/mackerel) I remembered my Grand Mother’s special  Raaja Alle Piyava Gashi which she used to prepare excellently and served us on Banana leaf with Hot Steaming Boiled Rice and fish fry (any).  When we reached  home from school for lunch the aroma of this curry made  our mouth watering.   This is easy to prepare and delicious quick recipe.
Raaju  (Medium size)                  --  3 nos
Grated coconut                            --  ½ cup
Red chilly                                       --   10 to 15 (fried in little oil)
Ginger                                             --  1” piece finely chopped
Green chilly                                   --   2 finely chopped
Onion                                              --  1 big finely chopped
Tamarind pulp                               --  1 tsp
Coconut oil                                     --  1 tsp
Salt to taste
Cut fish and keep aside. 
For masala

Grind grated coconut with tamarind pulp and red chilly into fine paste.

Boil this paste in an earthen pot for 5 minutes (any vessel can be used but earthen pot gives the ultimate taste).  Take one small bowl add chopped green chilly, onion, ginger and salt smash with hands and pour this into boiling masala.  Boil for another 5 minutes then add fish and cook till done.  Switch off the gas and  pour 1 tsp of coconut oil.  Raaja Alle piyava Gashi is ready to serve.




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