Friday 2 November 2012

Spicy chilly dates  chutney..

Dates                   10 to 15
Chilly          powder.     2tsp
crushed      garlic      1tsp
crushed      ginger      1 tsp
Lime juice             1tbsp
Methi    seeds         ¼ tsp
Mustard              1/2tsp
Curry leaves few
Sugar              1tsp
Oil.                   1tbsp
Hing                ½ tsp
Deseed dates and cut into 4.         Heat oil in pan add mustard seeds then add methi  fry for a min then add ginger and garlic fry it till  light brown.  then   add curry leaves, hing , chilly powder  fry it for 2 min..then  add   chopped dates and salt,  sugar  fry for a min.   switch  off the gas add lime juice.   Goes well with biryanis…


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