Wednesday 7 November 2012

Salted Mango Chutney (mitta ambuli chutney)

In Konkani  Pickle is called  Nonche.  From olden days Konkanis are well known for their pickles and pappads.   Many  different varieties of pickles are made from different varieties of vegetables.   In these Mango plays  a vital role.  Unripe  mango  is used as fresh and salted for pickles.   To prepare salted mango, unripe mangoes in mango season are kept in ceramic jars alongwith water up to the neck lever of the jar and rock salt for a period of not less than 2-3 months.  These jars are kept away from sunlight and are tightly closed.   These salted mangoes  are called  Khola Ambo” or “Mitta Ambuli”.   These salted mangoes are used in non-mango season and mostly in rainy season to prepare quick chutneys and curries.

salted mango        ---  ½ of big one or  an averaged sized one
 Gandari chilly      ---    10to 15   or          ( 3-4 green chilies)
A pinch of  asafetida  (hing—kaayam)
Coconut oil ½ tsp
Soak the mangoes in water for sometime to remove the excess salt. Discard the water. Grind mangoes ,green chilies and asafoetida to a smooth paste without adding much water. grind into smooth paste no need to add salt bcz mangoes have salt in it..take ground masala into boil  add ½ tsp coconut oil on top of it mix well.

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