Thursday 11 January 2018

Jeeve Battani Ambat(fresh Green peas curry)

An authentic Konkani dish Battani and mogge Ambat.  Green peas and Manglore cucumber is used here with coconut based gravy and finely chopped onion is fried for tadka(coconut oil if used for tadka gives lovely aroma and taste).  This is my hubby’s favourite and it’s a very good combo with rice.


Fresh Green peas                       --  ½ kg
Grated coconut                          -- 1 cup
Red chilly                                     --  10 to 12
Tamarind                                      -- small piece
Manglore Cucumber                  --  ½ cup (cut into cubes)
Onion medium sized                  --   1 finely chopped;  OR
Shallots                                         --  10 to 12
Oil for seasoning                         --   2 to 3 tsp
Salt to taste

Pressure cook green peas and cucumber for One whistle and keep aside. 
Fry red chilly in little oil for few seconds, grind it with coconut and tamarind into fine paste.  Add this paste to
the green peas, bring it to boil, add salt to taste, season with finely chopped onion.

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