Thursday 18 July 2013

Ponsa Machkat (jack fruit dosa)

Again   I am back with one more old monsoon  dish. I really  enjoy  eating jack fruit dishes.   Missing  my native   because   I get a lot of  jack fruit there  in my place .  Here   we have to buy from market or from any friends.
When I  get    jack fruit,  I   try to  show  dishes  from  it.   When   I went to Doctor, who is also   our family friend  Dr Abdul  Latheef,   who is the leading  Homoeopathic  Doctor in our place,    gave me one  big jack fruit.   It was very sweet   so  I thought of making  machkat    from it  because there is  no need to add much  jaggery   into it  is  very  healthy  too.


Jack fruit chopped                   2 cups
Grated coconut                       ¼ cup
Jaggery                                    ¼  cup ( if like more sweet add ½ cup)
Bombay rava                           1 cup
Pinch of  salt.
Ghee for making dosa.


Grind   grated coconut with  jaggery   without adding water then shift   into a bowl, then grind chopped jackfruit into fine paste add this to coconut paste and  mix well.  Then add rava and pinch of  salt  mix well  .  if feel  too much thick add little water.
Keep the batter for  10 min and   if batter has become  too thick because of rava add little water.
 heat dosa tawa..put batter with laddle  prepare thick pan cake from it..fry both sides  till golden brown.  Serve hot with Ghee..

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