Thursday 25 July 2013

Magge Kodhel (Mangalore Cucumber/vellarikka curry)


Magge                                  1  small

Jackfruit  seeds                      few

Drumstick                             2

Grated coconut                     1 cup

Red chilly                              15 to 20

Tamarind                               small piece

Garlic                                    8 to 9 cloves crushed

Oil                                         2 tsp

Salt  to taste


Cook  magge(cucumber), jackfruit seeds and   drumstick  with  salt.

Grind grated coconut, tamarind and  red chillies into  fine  paste.

Then  add this paste to cooked vegetables and   boil it for 10 min

Heat oil in pan,   add crushed  garlic  and  fry till brown.    Pour this on boiling curry.   Serve this with  boiled rice  or  cucumber  dosa.   

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