Tuesday 19 March 2013


Ayurveda   says  that    regular use of  Amla  (nelli kayi-Goose Berry)  can help us  live more than 100 years  of  healthy life.  Reasons  for that is :-
Its an excellent source    of    vitamin C.
It   enhances   the immunity.
It is  high in antioxidant.
It  is good for digestion,  and help the  body to absorb and assimilate from the foods we eat.
Its great for urinary   system.   It strengthens   liver and helps   us to flush out toxins.
Great for skin  and hair.  Drinking juice of amla in morning good   for  cholesterol  and  sugar   patients

Here is the recipe for healthy juice

3 large    amla   ( nelli kayi)
½ inch   ginger
10 curry leaves
¼ tsp  black salt   (optional)
Half green chilly   (you can skip this   if not like spicy)
1cup of  water
Chop amla   and discard the seeds.
Add all ingredient   except water    in a blender   blend it  for 2-3 min.  Then add water blend it  again for 2 min. sieve it  and enjoy   healthy juice.

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