Friday 10 August 2012

Oats Almond Laddu

Oats  almond  laddu

New    Invention   from   my   side because my son knowingly never eats dry fruits, nuts etc.  It’s a very healthy sweet for those who are very keen on dieting.  A sweet as well as low calorie one, anybody can have it without fear.   Prepared   on the occasion of Janmashtami.

 Oats                                           1cup
Sesame   seeds (ellu )                  ½ cup
Almonds (badam )                      10 to 15
Ghee                                          ¼  cup melted
Jaggery  powder                         ¾  cup
Cardamom powder                    1tsp

Dry  roast the oats till nice smell comes and keep aside. Then fry sesame seeds fry for 2/3 min., keep that with fried oats.then dry fry the almonds.  Let them  to cool.
Then   powder  almonds and transfer to bowl, then powder oats sesame seeds,  then add with almond powder,   add jaggery powder and cardmom  powder  mix it with your  hand..   heat  ghee  add into the  mix again mix it well.. and make  medium size  laddus  from it.
Keep in  air tight box ..enjoy ..

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