Thursday 16 August 2012


Batata songh  is one of the   favourite  dishes  of  all Konkani s. Batata  means  potatoes. This dish is  very spicy . I  learnt to cook this dish from my Amma,  this dish is  prepared with lots of red chilly and tamarind  paste.
This dish is a combination of spicy red chilly and sournes of tamarind pulp.  It tastes too good with rice and dalithoy .  Its very good combination  with neer  dosa (paan polo) also.
Try this once,  you will never forget the  taste.


Potatoes                ½ kg
Chilly powder         3 tbsp
Tamarind pulp        1 ½  tbsp
Onion                      2 big size
Salt to taste


Cut potatoes into  cubes,  chop  onions into  small  cubes and 1 tbsp finely chopped.
Heat   cooker  add 1tbsp coconut  oil,  when its heated  add finely chopped onions  fry till brown,  then add onion cubes fry till  light pink and  then add chilly powder fry it for 3-4 min then add tamarind paste fry another 2 min add salt and potatoes.     Cook till 3 whistles in pressure cooker.

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