Tuesday 6 October 2015

Thowsha Sasame(cucumber salad)

This is a Konkani delicacy and an inevitable side dish for Gouri Pooja and Vinayak chaturti feast in our home.
Cucumber               -- 1 medium sized
Ginger                     --  1 small piece                                    
green chilly            -- 2-3
red chilly                --  3-4
grated coconut     --  ½ cup
mustard seeds      --  1 tsp
salt to taste
·      Grate cucumber, add chopped green chilly, ginger and salt, mix it well and keep aside.
·      Meanwhile, grind grated coconut, red chilly and mustard seeds using little water like chutney consistency.
·      Add this paste to cucumber mix.
·      Serve immediately.
·      Since It is not heated, will not last long.

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