Saturday 22 June 2013

salla upkari

Salla upkari  (salted jack fruit stir fry)

It is   an authentic  konkani    dish.   In Konkani   “ salla”    are pieces of raw jack fruit preserved in salt water in “bharanis”  or glass jars.  This can be  stored for more  than 1or 2 yrs.
To prepare Salla:- Its prepared usually just before the beginning of Monsoon.  Raw jack fruit’s seeds are removed and the flesh is kept in ceramic pots in layers of salt and jack fruit flesh.  Its kept for 2-3 months and during monsoon season when there is heavy rain fall and the people cant go out for anything these salla are used for making variety of dishes such as stir fry, salla mango curry, salla dry fish curry etc.  before preparing its taken out using dry hand (no wetness or water should be there) and its washed for 2-3 times to get rid of excess salt  or it can be soaked for half an hour then can be used after draining and cleaning.


Salla  Salted jack fruit                      2 cups  (thin strips)
Mustard seeds                                  1 tsp
Red chilly                                           2
Chilly powder                                    ½ tsp
Grated  coconut                                2 tbsp

In kadai heat oil then put mustard seeds when it pop up  add red chilly and chilly powder and fry for a min then add  salted jackfruit and  mix it well. Cover and cook for 5 min. if needed sprinkle little water. Then add grated  coconut  and fry for 2 to 3 min.  Very  good side dish for lunch.   
NB :-  Since this is salted product no need to add additional salt to the dish.  If required  you can add salt.

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