Wednesday 19 June 2013

ponsa happolu (Jack Fruit Papad)


Ponsa happolu  is  mostly prepared  in the jack fruit season .   In my childhood days I always saw  my grand mother and aunties were busy in  preparing  many varieties  of papads, pickles etc    during  summer vacation.   Those papads were   put   under the sun for drying.  When the papads were kept for drying , all our cousins were put on security duty  in rotation in order to safeguard the papads from  crows and cows .  In between the mischievous  ones goes  and  eat the raw papads.   We all cousins, while giving duty   used to slowly go and eat raw papads and sometimes gets scolded   from elders. Really missing  those  days.
We can store this papad for   a longer period in air tight    containers.  This can be eaten as snacks or   spicy papads  can be eaten as side dish for lunch. This can be a quick snack   for  unexpected guests visit.  These are  very healthy than bakery foods.

NB:- Recipe in the next post

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