Saturday 2 February 2013

Prawns curry with raw mango and hing /Sungata Hinga Udda

Prawns curry  with raw mango  and hing / Sungata Hinga Udda

I learnt this from my mother in law in kannur.  Normally prawns, crabs, mussles, etc are not easy to digest and sometimes makes our stomach upset.   Just to overcome this problem, Hing or Ginger are  extensively used while making  preparations.  In this curry Hing (kaayam) is used for fragrance and to nullify the adverse effects.

Prawns                        --   1 cup cleaned
Raw mango                --    1  (if not available  tamarind pulp – 1 tbsp)
Chilly powder             --- 3 tsp
Hing (kaayam)           ---  ½ tsp
Coconut oil                ---   3 tsp
Salt to taste


In a pan or mud pot, heat 2 tsp of oil, add hing powder, fry for few seconds, then add chilli powder, fry for few seconds, then add salt, cleaned prawns, water and raw mango pieces, mix well, cover and cook in low flame for 15 minutes.  once its done,  drizzle one tsp of oil, switch of the flame, serve with rice.

This curry tastes better the next day.

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