Saturday 23 February 2013

Mothiyale bajilele ( chooda tawa fry)

Mothiyale  bajilele ( chooda tawa fry)

Mothiyale (chooda )                        ½ kg
Chilly powder                                    1 ½  tbsp
Hing powder  (kaayam)                  ½  tsp
Rice flour or rava                            2 tbsp
Mustard                                            ½ tsp
Oil                                                      1 tbsp ( if u need add more)
Method:-  Cut and clean fish..marinate fish with chilly powder,  hing, salt and  rice flour or rava. Keep this for 10 min. then heat non stick tawa add oil  when it heats  add mustard seeds  when it splutter add marinated fish..cook this with lid in low flame for 5 to 10 min one side..then turn it again cook it for 5 min.  serve hot..
Can be used as a side dish or starter.

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