Monday 29 June 2015

Alva mande sasam (tarrow root/chembu curry


Alva mande                                      ½ kg

Grated coconut                               1 cup

Red chilly                                         7 to 8

Mustard seeds                                1 tsp

Tamarind                                          peanut size

Curd                                                   ¼ cup

Curry leaves  few

Oil                                                       1 tsp

Salt to taste



Peel outer skin of  alva mande  and cut them into big cubes.

Add little water cook till done or u can cook it in cooker till 1 whistle.

Grind coconut, red chilly and tamarind into fine paste.

Add this paste to cooked alva mande add salt and boil it for 5 to 10 min.

Then add ¼ cup beaten curd,  mix it well slowly boil it for 2 min.

Heat oil in seasoning pan add mustard seeds and curry leaves fry for a minute,  pour this on curry.  Alva mande sasam ready to serve.

Enjoy with hot steaming rice.


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