Wednesday 11 June 2014

Karathe karamane

I saw this recipe on KKAJ food page posted by one of my friends Priya R Shenoy (original recipe by Mrs. Asha Sathish Philar).   Thanks for the recipe I loved this one and thought of sharing the same with you all.
Karathe (Bitter gourd)                        --  1 no
Green chilly                                          --   4 to 5
Methi seeds                                         --   ½ tsp
 Tamarind                                             --    ground nut size
Raw rice                                                --  2 tsp (washed and soaked in little water)
Coconut grated                                    --  1 cup
Discard seeds of karathe and chop finely and apply salt.  Roast karathe pieces  in very little oil using non-stick pan till crisp.  Fry ½ tsp  methi seeds and green chilly chopped in little oil, grind this with grated coconut, tamarind and raw rice into fine paste.  Add enough water to make thick gravy.  Stir it while boiling.  When it boils lower the flame add fried karathe pieces and put off the flame.  Do not stir after mixing karathe pieces.  cover and keep for a while.  Serve hot with rice or as a side dish for rotis.

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