Tuesday 29 July 2014

Bread dosa

I don’t like cornflakes and I don’t prefer to eat plain bread for breakfast.  I prefer dosa/idly and other traditional breakfast food.  But in lazy weekend mornings  I can’t spend time in making  dosa batter and idly batter and don’t have much time for its fermentation also.    I got this recipe from net which is very easy  to prepare.
Bread slices                                   10
Curd                                                ½ cup
Rava                                                ½ cup
Ginger                                             small piece
Green chilly                                    2 to 3
Salt to taste
soak bread slices  with little water  for 5 min.
Grind  rava, curd, green chilly and ginger into fine paste. 
Then add   Soaked bread and grind it again.  No need to add more water.
Smooth thick batter is now ready then add salt and mix well
then keep aside for 10min.
Prepare thick dosa from this batter fry both  sides. 
Serve with any Chutney  .
Tasty   easy  dosa ready to serve.



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