Thursday 26 April 2018


Jheenga (Jumbo Prawns)   --   15 nos
For 1st Marination :-
Lemon juice                           --  60 ml
Red chilly powder                --  2-3 tsp
Garlic paste                           --  5 tsp
Ginger paste                         --   3 tsp
Salt to taste
For 2nd Marination :-
Hung curd                              --  100 gm
Carom seed (ajwain)           --   a pinch
Garam masala                      --    2 tsp

Cut and clean the prawns and keep aside.  For the 1st marination,  mix all  the ingredients in a bowl and evenly rub the prawns with this marinate and keep aside for 15 mts.
Then for 2nd marination, put the hung curd in a bowl, add remaining ingredients, mix it gently, then add marinated prawns, mix it well, keep in Refrigerator for minimum 1 hour.
 Heat tawa, grease butter on tawa, then keep all the prawns, then baste with butter and roast again for a few minutes both sides.
Healthy yummy Tandoori Jheenga ready to eat.

Note:- for best result charcoal grill can be used for this. Here I used iron tawa.

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