Friday, 18 February 2011


In Mangalorean cuisine, Buns is different from Bun. Its not plural form of Bun! Simply

called as "Buns". It is a deep fried form of Sweet Banana Bread. Usually served for

Breakfast This is a wonderful recipe which is very famous in  konkani breakfast..

served with sambar or chutney as sides. I learnt this recipe from my grandmother ..

1/2 cup over riped mashed bananas
2 tbl spn sugar
 ½ CUP  yogurt
1/8 tea spn baking soda
2 cups flour traditionally
maida is used  ( If  u want u can use wheat flour to make this)
1tbsp oil or ghee
oil for deep frying
1.Take a clean Bowl,Mash the ripen banans into a smooth paste using your hand.
2.Now to this add all the dry ingredients and mix properly.
3.Add sour curds to the above so as to for a dough like chapati dough aply
1tbsp oil or ghee
4.Keep aside for about 3-4 hrs for it to set.
5.Now heat up the oil .
6.Roll out small balls of dough a bit thick say about 1.5 cms thick just like poori size aand they fry them till golden brown.
7.You can see the buns bloting into a round, brown buns.Then they are ready.
8.Remove them and place over a paper towel for excess of oil to drain off.
9.Serve hot or cold with sambar or chutney.Enjoy....
Coconut chutney
½ cup   grated coconut
3-4 green   chillies
2-3 garlic flakes
2 tsps   chopped coriander leaves
Salt to taste

Grind all these to fine paste

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